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  • Todd Copilevitz Todd Copilevitz is the least-likely guy you'd ever find working in advertising. A hard-nosed journalist for more than a decade, he began his interactive career as a syndicated columnist for The Dallas Morning News. With the launch of Dallasnews.com he got the bright idea to launch himself into the Internet.

    For more than a decade he's been championing the critical role of content in online marketing. His innovative strategy of blending marketing messages with consumer dialogue has led to ground-breaking work for Nokia, The Home Depot, Hyundai, The Marine Corps, Dr Pepper/Seven Up and AT&T.

    Blogs and social networking have been part of the mix for Todd's clients since 2001. In fact they form the cornerstone of his conviction that the future of marketing is in content that consumers want to receive, and not just blasting them with messages.

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What others are saying...

  • "He's angry because he cares."


    "Celebrates the cluelessness of agency execs and media companies when it comes to understanding digital media."


    "Those of us who are (still) in ivory tower agency land aren’t quite sure whether to be offended with the agency bashing or finally wake up to the truth in it."

    A brand agency director


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21 March 2006


olivier blanchard

Ah. A welcome breath of fresh air.

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